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AnywhereWorks Pledges People, Not Bots in bid to put people back into businesses

by jcp
  • Pledge includes video showing comedian Sally Phillips learning the limitations of bots the hard way 
  • Pledge comes after research found 84% of people believe companies should disclose if they are using AI instead of real people 

AnywhereWorks, team collaboration and business services provider, today launched a new initiative, Pledge People, Not Bots. The initiative aims to protect the role of people in business and save customer service from the grip of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

To mark the launch of the initiative, AnywhereWorks have brought the frustrations of bots to life with writer, actor and comedian Sally Phillips. The mockumentary-style video follows Sally as she learns just how difficult it is to build a real connection with a supposedly helpful bot.

The commitment comes after an independent global survey revealed the shocking state of automated customer service in the business world. The survey found that over a third (38%) of consumers say their problems are never resolved by automated services. Even more remarkably, a third (33%) of people have called a company thinking they were speaking to a person only to realise it was an automated bot.

The Pledge People, Not Bots commitment will be followed by all of AnywhereWork’s brands, including: Teleport, AnswerConnect, Setmore, ChatSupport, AdaptiveU, LEX Reception and WELLReceived.

AnywhereWorks founder, Michael Payne, said: “Research shows that people want human connection when they contact a business. Every call to a business is a potential opportunity to build trust. With a people-first approach, businesses can deliver consistently high standards of friendly and professional care and build lasting customer relationships. Technology has done so many amazing things, but our pledge recognises the universal truth – while it can enhance communication, it can never replace it.”

With every AI interaction, businesses move one step further from connecting with their customers as people. With 78% of consumers saying they prefer to speak to a real person by phone and 85% saying that they would stop using a company with poor customer service, the importance of real human connection can’t be underestimated.

To learn more about Pledge People, Not Bots and to watch the full video, visit: https://anywhereworks.com/pledge-people-not-bots

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