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fu3e. Unveils Breakthrough Adaptive Management Reporting Solution for the Entire Real Estate and Property Sector

Leading-edge platform delivers single-pane view for real-time business and risk management

by uma

26th April 2022, UK fu3e., pioneers of adaptive management reporting software for real estate, today unveils its breakthrough platform designed to transform business and risk management across the entire real estate and property sector. Designed by real estate and property executives, fu3e. is the feature-rich umbrella that sits above existing management software for use by real estate funds, asset owners, developers and professional consultants. 

The platform is intuitive, configurable, easy to use and deploy, providing users with real-time data which enables them to operate with insight, manage risk effectively and make informed decisions quickly and at scale. fu3e. combines two leading digital products; Business Impacts, to manage development risks and Digital PMOs, to digitise management processes. Together, the two provide a set of industry-first features for managing projects, developments or assets which spans the entire real estate and property sector. 

fu3e. was created by F3GROUP, the UK’s leading boutique real estate development, risk and capital management consultancy. With a 40-year track record in property and real estate development management ownership, fu3e. was built by executives, for executives, to combat the challenges created by siloed systems and manual reporting. It is used by F3GROUP today to ensure projects are executed to the highest standards and in line with industry requirements. 

Gavin Gleave, CEO of fu3e., comments: “fu3e. acts as the living breathing spine of modern real estate and property businesses. Born out of the pain points felt by F3GROUP experts and incubated for 10 years, this platform is a single source of truth for the entire ecosystem, allowing entire teams to make real-time informed decisions and manage capital and operations from anywhere, at any time. Early adopters of the platform across the real estate and property sector are already transforming the way they manage their portfolios, forecast trends and reach business goals, all powered by fu3e.

fu3e. strengthens management teams through improved visibility across their entire business portfolio. The platform provides a critical single pane view to accurately monitor the progress of projects and services across portfolios, funds, jurisdiction and sectors, driving growth and performance. Robust reporting and processing through live dashboards mitigates development risk, by increasing control over activities and identifying red flags that may threaten their capital, earnings or reputation, such as delays or cost overruns. 

Built for leaders, Business Impacts gives decision-makers access to the real-time updates of project and development portfolios from anywhere in the world, offering a live snapshot view that ensures seamless management potential on a global scale. At project management level, Digital PMO works to reduce operational costs and overheads by streamlining workflows through automation, driving crucial consistency, efficiency and eliminating duplication of management functions. 

Businesses can integrate fu3e. within their entire technology ecosystem to allow for intuitive tracking of teams and individuals, keeping business ahead of the curve.

The platform offers a holistic user-friendly experience, with instant and simple access to all historical data and a flexible file
 depository designed to create a single view of the business and projects with greater transparency and accuracy. In addition, each business is given a private fu3e. secure cloud environment, with encrypted backup, retention and recovery working to protect business data with maximum compliance. 

fu3e. also supports users in addressing critical environmental, social and governance issues. Reports can be integrated with industry-leading software such as GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) to benchmark a fund’s commitment to ESG against other funds operating within the same sectors, helping businesses to measure ESG strategy and realise commitments. 

For more information, please visit https://www.fu3e.com/.


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