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How to Write a Press Release to Get Attention For Your Real Estate Business

by wrich

A press release is a formal written statement delivered to reporters for the express purpose of giving media reporting information, composing an announcement, or making an official announcement intended for wide distribution. Press releases are frequently regarded as primary sources, meaning that they are trusted sources of news. It has become customary in today’s corporate world to have a “news spokesperson” who speaks on behalf of the company to provide comment on critical matters related to the business. While not required by law, having a spokesperson is advisable for several reasons.

Firstly, because journalists and editors have a lot of different sources for different types of news, it is difficult to write one “newsworthy” press release. Consequently, if you want to write a “newsworthy” press release, you need to have something newsworthy to present to media reporters. Secondly, many reporters and news executives appreciate the material that is written by people who appreciate and understand the reporting process and, in particular, the news industry. Thirdly, since journalists and editors have to be creative in their reporting, they will be receptive to ideas and arguments presented in writing press releases.

Writing a “newsworthy” press release involves coming up with a story, and then presenting that story in a way that persuades you readers to take the desired action – such as subscribing to a particular newsletter, buying a product or service, making a donation, etc. In addition to coming up with a good story, you also have to provide substantial supporting facts. These facts may come from internal research or from credible third-party sources. You should also avoid repeating inaccurate information provided in press releases that come across as unreliable and/or unimportant. Finally, you must make sure that your statements are consistent with the facts stated in your website or in other documents.

As soon as you complete your writing, send it along to media reporters with contact details so they can contact you and get the news out to their readers. Your contact details may include your name, contact details, and an email address, but you should try to include your website, phone number, mobile number, etc. Additionally, add a teaser to your news release, usually two or three sentences that give readers an idea of what to expect from your news release. For example, if you’re writing about new window treatments for your business, you might write “Learn how professional window treatments can change the look of your home.”

When sending press releases to media outlets, always remember to be professional. No matter how well-written your press releases are, the tone must be professional. Mention that you are a real estate agent and give your full physical address and phone number. Let them know that you would like to be contacted on a regular basis for more information about whatever it is you’re reporting on. Don’t forget to thank them for taking the time to contact you about their story and ask them to keep you informed.

Writing your own press releases may sound like an impossible task. However, if you keep these simple tips in mind, you’ll find it much easier to craft your own release and send it off to various media outlets. In addition, if you have any questions as you go through the writing process, be sure to set up a time to speak with a media outlet and discuss your planned release and how it would fit their style. You may even find that you’re asked to write the release in a specific manner.

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