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53% of UK retail employees say job demands are now worse than during the COVID

63% describe their teams as understaffed

Just 10% say their employers have offered new tools or technology to make work easier

11 July 2022, London: One fifth (21%) of the UK’s retail frontline staff report feeling so exhausted at the end of every working day they don’t enjoy their time away from the job.

While employers have fought to meet customer needs throughout the challenges of the past few years, frontline employees say the same cannot be said for their needs, reveals exclusive research from YOOBIC, the digital workplace leader, in its 2022 State of the Frontline Employee Experience survey.

The ongoing lack of labour plays a large part – 47% of frontline respondents describe being short staffed at work as the biggest challenge they face and 63% of retail staff describe their job as understaffed – but increased demands on employees are widespread.  Over half (53%) of UK retail workers describe their job demands and the amount of work they are expected to complete as being worse than the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Fabrice Haiat, CEO and co-founder of YOOBIC, commented: “There is no easy fix to the challenges facing the UK’s retail industry today.  But as employers deal with the tightest labour market in years, they must prioritise investment in improving working conditions to ensure they can retain existing staff, reduce turnover and win the competition for frontline talent in an employee’s market.”

The survey highlights the majority (81%) of retail workers want to feel supported by management, but only half (53%) are satisfied with the support they currently get.  Only 10% of respondents say their employers have offered new tools or technology to make work easier.

“Our research shows currently less than a fifth (18%) of retail workers surveyed have access to a task management tool despite such technology giving employees additional time for tasks which are more personally fulfilling and valuable to the business – like spending time with customers,” said Haiat.

For further information and action plans detailing how employers can improve the employee experience and boost retention and productivity, download the latest YOOBIC report.

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